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Welcome to The Place

We hope you stop for awhile and take a look. We’re still working on a few things for you but you can read our latest posts here.

The Place is an understated description of finding and experiencing God right in the middle of everyday moments. It’s a place where our Daily Faith and Family collide. And we’re learning that this collision creates a whole lot of crazy beautiful.

Crazy beautiful because that’s the nature of family life and Crazy Beautiful because when God’s grace steps into, around and over daily moments it is just….BEAUTIFUL.

You can read about one of my most recent collisions of crazy and beautiful in Why Playdoh is a whole lot like Parenting. An honest read about the shaping we experience as parents

The Place is simply an encouragement towards a meeting place with you and God. A peace place. A grace-filled place. And always a refuge place. Read a further description here.


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Join us and continue to share in this faith-filled, Bible-loving everyday space.

Love Caz